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“Strength Through Communication”


ESP is committed to providing the highest level of English Education services available in Japan!

In today’s rapidly shifting Global economy the ability to successfully communicate in English is crucial.  Helping companies do that is our business.  The transition to an effective bilingual team can be difficult.  To help smooth this transition calls for a special caliber of English Education and services, one of genuine Global Structure. 

ESP was designed and developed to help companies communicate in English and meet the globalization trend. Remember companies operating without English or at a sub-standard level are at a severe disadvantage.  Get ESP

and get global!


The ESP Difference


ESP is able to take all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together.  Creating a program that is effective, educational, efficient and accountable to the client.

At the base of ESP is the E2000  system.  This is a complete evaluation and tracking system that allows your English program to run smooth, effective and efficiently giving you maximum results.  E2000 also provides the most comprehensive student evaluations available and reports ranging from attendance to future course direction.

ESP Teaching Techniques and Materials utilizing T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) are used.  Also the unique ability to match teachers to client needs’ puts ESP lesson’s on the cutting edge of English Education.

ESP has a dedicated team of professional teachers and office staff ready to conquer your English challenges.


Our System


ESP E2000 Learning System©   


T.E.F.L., Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is considered internationally to be the most effective method in terms of conversational education.  ESP has adopted and enhanced this technique to achieve the ESP Review/Function/Structure/Preview, approach.


Review/Function/Structure/Preview, the fundamental format used for all ESP lessons.  This format provides the student and the teacher with the framework necessary to achieve the most effective, directed, educational lesson.


Application is another term used for practice.  Applying the Function skills learned is key to expanding and remembering what was taught each lesson.  Application is used extensively during each lesson and is always related to the lesson Function.


Practical Application is the term used for when the lesson Function is applied directly to the student’s job or situation.      The application is also used extensively outside  the classroom during Contact Time.



Our Classes and Products


    Private Lessons


                       Class Description

-          Private classes are one on one, allowing the student to have maximum speaking and application time, allowing the            

                       fastest advancement possible, in a comfortable environment.


                       Class Application

-          Having maximum focus on student improvement, they are usually applied to target students for maximum results.


              Industry Outlook

-            Private lessons are the most effective for providing the highest level of quality, focus and results. 




    Class Description

                -       Smaller group lessons designed to focus on specific group needs or specific areas of study. 


    Class Application

-          Having focus on student improvement in small group situations they are usually applied to target work groups for   

                            maximum results.


   Industry Outlook

                -       Semi-private lessons are the most effective for providing group results, especially with occupational type groups.



Group Lessons


       Class Description

            -          Group lessons designed to focus on general  group needs. Interactive group  speaking, participation  and application   

                        time permitting team involvement.


Class Application

            -           Having focus on mass improvement in large group situations, they are usually applied to general work groups. for  

                        maximum results.


Industry Outlook

            -           Group lessons are the most effective for providing cost effective non specific group results.



Contact Time


Class Description

            -         Contact time is application of students English skills.  During this time the teacher becomes a part of your office, discussing work activities with the students in their own natural environment.  Tremendous student improvement has been achieved using a lesson / contact time combination.




 -        Contact time is real life application for the student promoting:


§  Application and development of learned skills

§  International working environment

§  English/Japanese switch at any time

§  Natural work application

§  Increased English involvement and participation

§  Develop and encourage new interest outside the classroom

§  Familiarity working and associating with foreign people

§  Social skill development


Industry Outlook

            -         We strongly believe that contact time is a valuable part of our total program.  During this time the students and  

                      other office staff members become more comfortable with English in their own office, developing a positive learning  




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