Teaching with ESP

ESP specializes in corporate English education.   Our desks and classrooms are in our clients’ offices.    This dynamic situation allows us to interact with students in their natural business environment.     Along with teaching a regular daily class schedule, we serve as an English resource for the entire office.

Class sizes range between one to four students.     Students’ levels vary from false beginner to advanced.    Most students are engineers, sales representatives, and management.

Our Japanese staff assists with all documents related to visas and registration.    We also provide extensive training and support to all of our employees.


Below is a list of just a few benefits that ESP offers:

---   One teaching location per day

---   Professional work environment

---   Semi-furnished apartment provided (Avg. rent per month = ¥55,000)

---   All locations less than an hour commute from housing

---   Adult students only

---   No weekend shifts

---   4-5 day work week

---  3 weeks of yearly paid vacation

---  Daily meal and travel expenses compensated

---  Exposure to Japanese business environment

---  Visa & living support

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Teaching with ESP
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